1.Does LabelRange work with Chromebook?


Please note LabelRange is not compatible with Chromebook.

2.Can I print Wirelessly? print from iPad / iPhone?


Please note LabelRange requires a USB connection to Mac or Windows system.

3.What platforms does LabelRange work with?


LabelRange works like a regular printer and it will show “LP620 printer”/“LP320 printer” in your computer after installed the driver and it printing anything you send to it.

Note: If a platform is not listed here, it doesn't mean it won't work with LabelRange! If you can get a 4 x 6’’label from this platform, it will work with LabelRange.

Our supported:


·  Amazon

·  Etsy

·  PayPal

·  eBay

.  Shopify

· Web

·  Endicia Dazzle

·  ShipStation

·  ShipWorks

·  Shippo

·  ShippingEasy

 · Poshmark

·  EasyShip


4.Does LabelRange compatible with my label?


Pls noted that there are two kinds of thermal label .Thermal transfer label and direct thermal label. And Pls note LabelRange only compatible with direct thermal labels.

5.What label size does LabelRange work with?


LabelRange Prints labels from 1.5'' to 4.72'' in width and height from 1'' to 9.84'' including 4''x6''/4''x4''/4''x2''/4''x1''/3''x2''/2.25''x1.25''/2''x1'' main labels. It can print high quality address, shipping, mailing, file folder, barcode, and binder labels as well as name tags, and receipts.

1.Not Print & Not connect & Not show up


Pls make sure  that you have install the driver software following below steps:

Pls check the install video from YouTube for a quick start:


1). Pls ensure the power off . then connect the power cable to the printer and plug the other end into a wall socket. (pls make sure that the adapter has connected) . then connect the USB cable to your printer and plug the other end into your computer's USB port.

2). Pls loading our 4x6'' sample labels in the printer (Note: the label paper which will print need facing the ceiling ) . then turn the power on and it will automatic learn the label. (if without the labels in the printer , the printer will beeping)

3). For Model LP620 - Pls insert LabelRange blue USB driver and find the driver software from USB (Windows ->LabelRangePrinterWindowsDriver.exe  for windows system or Mac ->LabelRangePrinterMacDriver.pkg  for Mac system)->Pls double click the driver software and following the procedure to finish the install.
For Model LP320 - Pls insert LabelRange orange USB driver and find the driver software from USB (Windows ->LabelRangeLP320PrinterWindowsDriver.exe  for windows system or Mac ->LabelRangeLP320PrinterMacDriverv1.0.pkg  for Mac system)->Pls double click the driver software and following the procedure to finish the install.
After installation, pls go to your Window’s control panel ->Devices and Printers -> You will see the “LP620 printer” / “LP320 printer” or pls go to your Mac’s settings->click “ Printers and Scanners” ->pls click “+” and select “LP620 Printer” / “LP320 Printer” and click “Add” ,and the LP620 Printer / LP320 Printer will be added.

4) . Pls try to print the 4x6'' sample label  from LabelRange usb driver and If you can printing it out , then it means that you have install the driver properly.

2.How to determind that you have installed the LabelRange Printer properly.


On Windows : Go to the Control Panel > Devices and Printers > Right click on LP620 Printer/LP320 Printer > Printing properties ->Print Test Page

On Mac : Enter on your browser ->click “ Printers” ->Select “ Print Test Page”  from Maintenance 

3.How to printing Self Test to checking the printer firmware issues?


Ensure the power is off.Press and hold the paper feeder button and turn the power on ,release the button after the printer startup.

4.Printing blank labels


1).Ensure your labels are "Direct Thermal" labels.

2).Pls make sure that your label paper was loaded properly.the label which will printing need facing the ceiling.

3).Pls make sure that you have installed the driver properly.if not , pls re-connect the power cable/USB cable and re-install the driver.

5. Printing sideways & printing tiny & printing cut off


1) Pls make sure that your page size to match your label size .

Like your label page with 4x6’’ ( mean 100x 150mm) and using 4x6’’ label paper , and pls choose 100x150mm paper size for printing.

On Windows

Go to the Control Panel > Devices and Printers > Right click on LP620 Printer/LP320 Printer > Printer Preferences > pls choose paper size.

On Mac:

Access these settings directly from the print menu and choose paper size.

2)LabelRange Printer will start automatic label identification when you load the label. If not learn , the printing will be not correct . you can also press and hold the top paper feeder button until hear one beep and then release,it will learn the label too.

3) Pls note to change label to 4x6’’ when you printing label from platforms like Paypal,Ebay,Shopify,Etsy,Shipstation...,if label with 8.5x11’’ ,it will printing tiny or large.

Pls get our support if you not clear how to setting the label to 4x6’’,thanks

909 662 1383 (text)

4)Pls make sure the blue guides are flush against the label with no gap.

6.LabelRange making loud noise when printing


1) Adjust (lower) Speed / Density and click OK.

Our default density with 8 and you can adjust it to 6 or 4.

2) Pls change the label paper for printing.

3) Pls select “dottted line”with enable for printing.

4) Pls contact LabelRange to get the latest driver software for re-install.

7.Poor Printing Results


1)Reset print density and speed.

2)Clean print head/glue roll.

3)On Windows ,Pls select " print as image" under “advanced “option and the printing effect will be much better.(only Windows system)

4)Pls contact LabelRange to get the latest driver software for re-install.

8.How to do if label paper jammed?


Step 1: Pls see below video from Youtube to take out of the label first . For simple label

 jammed , you can just pull the rubber roller to peel off the label paper.


Step 2 : You can lower the Speed/Density setting to avoid. Our default density 

with 8 and you can adjust it to 6.

Step 3: Pls do the Restore factory settings ,you can find the setting steps from

 LabelRange USB disk, just take 1minute.

9.Printer Keep Beeping


Pls do the Paper-lacking settings,just two clicks ,pls see the setting steps from LabelRange USB driver. 

10.How to printing 4x6’’ label from Paypal


If you use business Paypal account ,pls Login to PayPal and click the Gear Icon  - Select Account Settings - On the left hand side, please choose Shipping - Under Shipping Preferences, click Update - -Under "U.S.PS ,"  click Edit printer settings  -  Pick Label Printer to one of the 4 x 6'' printers, such as the "Zebra LP 2844-Z 4.0 x 6.0"

If you use personal paypal account ,  pls login to Paypal -> pls click on Shipping Preference -> Pls select Label Printer to one of the 4x6'' label printer like Zebra LP2844 -Z-4X6'' , then you can printing the label in 4x6'' .

11.How to printing 4x6’’ label from Shopify?


Pls click on”Change format” and choose 4x6 instead of 8.5x11 Inch paper after you purchase a label on Shopify.

12.How to printing 4x6’’ label from Etsy?


Pls Sign into -> Click Shop Manager -> Settings -> Shipping settings -> Shipping Label Options -> Select Format my labels for 4x6 Label printers .

13.How to printing 4x6’’ label from eBay?


On the new eBay Interface, please choose 4" x 6" PDF as your label format.


14.How to cropping 8.5x11’’ label to 4x6’’ or other sizes?


1.Like Amazon FNSKU label ,pls download it and keep it in PDF -> pls open 

it with Adobe Reader - Choose Edit --> Take a Snapshot - Select/Highlight

the label's  area ->  Right click in the highlighted area and select 

Print (pls choose 60x30mm as paper size) and pls use 2.25x1.25’’label

paper , then it will be printing perfectly. 
2.Like USPS label from USPS website , Pls choose PDF instead of Print

Label ->pls open it with Adobe Reader - Choose Edit --> Take a 

Snapshot - Select/Highlight the label's  area -  Right click in the highlighted 

area and select Print (pls choose 100x150mm as paper size) and pls use

 4x6’’ label paper, then it will be printing perfectly.

15.How to clean Printhead and Rubber roller ?


Just need clean them by a cotton cloth or a cotton swab with diluted alcohol (alcohol or isopropyl).  

and do not use the printer immediately after cleaning the parts . just wait for 1-2minutes.

How to clean Printhead and Rubber roller ?(图1)